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Greg Falck

Greg is an award-winning materials engineer and product developer. He has a diverse leadership background in both the military and private sector. He served nine years as an Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, including two years as a platoon commander in the Canadian Special Operations Regiment. 


As head of research and development at Aluula Composites Ltd, Greg and his multidisciplinary team of chemists, engineers, and technologists developed a novel ultra-high-strength-to-weight-ratio composite polymer fabric, winning the ISPO Textrends product of the year award in 2020. Using the equipment his team designed and built, Greg oversees the production of composite materials while working with Aluula customers to develop custom composite fabrics for a variety of high performance applications. 


Greg is engaged as an independent consultant in product design, production, and materials science. He graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Engineering Science in 2009.


Justin Leger

Justin Leger is an experienced operations executive with over 10 years of senior management experience in business operations, coupled with an MBA and executive roles in the military. 


Justin served for nearly 20 years as a military officer, including several years in Special Operations Forces. As a Commanding Officer and Executive Officer he led the planning and execution of complex support operations for Canadian Armed Forces both at home and abroad. He spent significant time on the ground during SOF missions – primarily in Africa – where he gained a first-hand appreciation of the strengths and limitations of mission-specific equipment. This led to an interest in how products are used and designed. 


In the private sector, he worked as an executive at a large outsourcing firm where he leveraged both established and emerging techniques to develop service solutions for his clients. These included the Human Centred Design process, Lean Six-Sigma, and emerging analytics techniques to optimize operations and the client experience. 


In addition to his product development work, Justin also has clients in the biotech industry, where he assists and advises companies with procurement, logistics, and operational challenges.

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